Illuminate architectural spaces
For over thirty years we have been dealing with lighting technology and light management, designed to live contemporary spaces in a conscious way and in symbiosis with natural light.
A well-designed Light, in addition to perceiving and recognizing the environments, promotes feelings of comfort and creates well-being. A right light, improves the ability to concentrate and productivity, another instead, moments of relaxation and meditation.
A well-designed light can increase sales, and thus create business. But this is only a part of what can be created and moved by light.
Our organization is at your disposal to give you all the detailed information of our brands and partners that are among the most important internationally.
Our technical staff, consisting of lighting designers and commercial consultants, are at your disposal to evaluate the many technical and always innovative solutions. We can provide careful and professional design consulting, using as support different specific software (including DIALUX, RELUX, etc.). We realize technical tables and drawings, with the disposition of the technical equipments, in the field.

In addition, we can offer you our advice in creating systems for Light Management, Multimedia (Home Automation, Building Automation) and AUDIO systems to live better in the spaces designed.
Brand and Partners
Our internationally renowned brands represented, are companies always at the forefront as production and continuously invest in research and development, this to keep up with the times and new needs.
The companies we propose, allow us to develop unique projects with a high technological profile content. Our customers will always have a solution as well as innovative, unique to their needs.
A network of professionals will be able to follow you from the embryonic state of the project, to the realization of the work, up to the delivery and often also ensuring an after-sales service.
Centralized Emergency (INOTEC)
We prefer to advise and propose centralized systems to manage the safety and emergency light with 24V and 220V Rescuers, in order to better control the evacuation in safety, in case of anomalies or fires. The batteries will be centralized in special cabinets, so as to simplify maintenance in one place. These systems can also be integrated with Dynamic systems, which orient people towards the safer exit (Fires, Terrorism, etc.).
However, they are open systems and can communicate and interact with the best supervisory systems.
Building Automation and Home Automation
(KNX, Livelink TRILUX and more)
Managing the light optimally ensures energy savings of between 50% and 70% and also in a home automation system you can connect other commands/ utilities (shutters, engines, climate, cameras, consumption control, access control, video, TV, etc.).
By now this type of systems are increasingly present in our projects and in the desire of our customers.
The management is simplified, the use of simple touch panels and apps, allows you to view in real time all the commands that have been connected, even remotely.
The diffusion of sound is increasingly connected with the project of Light.
We integrate our proposals with Audio systems for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR.
We have in our portfolio, omnidirectional and directional emission speakers (SOUND ARCHITECTURE) in cement, marble and wood, to be installed in outdoor and indoor areas.
AS speakers have a unique high design making their installation simple and natural and adapt to any architectural style, satisfying the most diverse audio needs. It is also possible to sonorize, through acoustic energy transmitters (WALL PLAYER) Glass and PlexiGlass, (Windows for example or walls) Ceilings and Walls in plasterboard and wood (tables, counters, etc.) or metals and other.
Restaurants, Parks and Gardens and Hotels as well as Homes through our sound speakers will be able to transform any indoor or outdoor space into an extraordinary audio experience.
Multi rooms systems added, can play multiple rooms simultaneously, controlling volumes and genres of music also different for each environment.
Sviluppo e proposta di una idea di massima, di uno o pił possibili scenari pił adatti alle richieste della committenza.
General development
Positioning of symbols and powers on the plan with descriptions of the types of equipment provided and calculations by sample area.
Final Development
Formal features lighting bodies, lighting calculations, possible descriptive report, notes, details and any renderings.
Executive development
Formal features lighting bodies, construction details, technical data sheets, specifications and offers, any energy assessments and commercial assistance.
On site assistance
Technical support with specialized personnel during processing.
We can also offer you, with the support of our parent company, ad hoc training courses at your studios or at our space in Rome, also for events related to the dissemination of the culture of light.
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